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Consultant, Facilitator, Coach

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"People-centered Skill Development"


Professional Development workshops and courses are designed to disseminate meaningful information, develop concrete skills and build professional networks.


Personal and Professional Coaching helps individuals and teams to build skills & explore lessons that can be used for a lifetime.


Technical Assistance services assist clients with the implementation of systems and services designed to meet measurable goals.


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Professional Development, Coaching & TA

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"Building Stronger Teams"


Team Building & Conflict Resolution services focus on improving and strengthening teams so they are more aligned, cohesive, efficient and impactful.  


We do this through a process called TeamChat. A TeamChat can be designed for teams of any size and take place over one or more sessions.


TeamChats are engaging, interactive and designed using our Learn. Think. Do. approach. Help your team get out of its own way!


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Team Building &  

Conflict Resolution


"Be About It"


Current times call for reflection on our history, an examination of our practices and a commitment to equity.


I offer DEI-R and race-equity services on a selective and limited basis for teams and groups ready to do this important work.


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DEI-R & Race Equity


"Increasing Impact"


For management consulting services, facilitation and retreats, visit me at www.bluecompassgroup.com

Consulting  & Facilitation


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All services are confidential and customized to meet your needs.

Providing transformational experiences for individuals & teams

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