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"Combining Art & Science"


Training the Trainer services are designed to build skills and support individuals and teams whose responsibilities include facilitation, leading groups and/or training others. Individuals can register for one or more of the workshops listed below. In addition, customized workshops or courses can be developed for groups or teams.


Training the Trainer services are centered around understanding and developing the following competencies...

1. Adult Learning & Group Work

2. Curiculum Design & Customization

3. Finding & Using Resources

4. Tool & Materials Development

5. Evaluation & Improvement

Training the Trainer

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  • Beyond Talk: An Introduction to Results-based Facilitation


  • Don’t Be a Dinosaur: Facilitating for Youth & Young Adults  


  • Eye-Candy: Designing Meaningful Tools & Materials


  • “Level Up”: Improve Your Virtual Facilitation Skills


  •  Making the Horse Drink: The Art & Science of Facilitation


  • Teaching Experts: Engaging the Adult Learner

Partnership Development Trainings are designed for individuals who are interested in learning the ins & outs of developing collective impact placed-based, cross-sector and/or community partnerships.    



  • “Be Better”: Continuous Improvement for Groups & Teams


  • “Better Together”: A Deep Dive into Collective Impact


  • “It’s Easier Said Than Done”: Partnership Development 101


  • Working Out the Kinks: Advanced Partnership Development


  • Identifying the Secret Sauce: Measuring and Tracking Your Progress

Facilitation Trainings are focused on developing the facilitation skills of trainers, meeting facilitators or other individuals whose responsibilities include facilitation, leading groups and/or training others.