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These courses and seminars are designed to disseminate meaningful information, develop concrete skills and build professional networks. Individuals can register for one or more of the professional development opportunities listed below.


In addition, customized workshops, courses

or seminars can be developed for groups or teams.


Professional Development is currently offered in the following ways:


1. Workshops- All Workforce Training topics are offered in an interactive virtual video conferencing setting.


2. Courses- All Workforce Training topics are also offered as a self-paced online course through our Learn Think Do Virtual Classroom.


3. Seminars (Hybrid)- Some topics are considered seminars and offered in a Hybrid setting. A portion of the course is self-paced while another portion is facilitated live using video conferencing technology.

Professional Development

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  • Don't Be a Jerk: Cultural Competency for Beginnners


  • Eyes on the Prize: Goal-setting & Other Techniques for Success


  • "Free Your Mind"- Critical Thinking for Professionals


  • "Get Yo' Life": Achieving Excellence Through Self-Care


  • Help! I Need to Crash Course on the LGBTQIA+ Community


  • "Hey, White People..." A Courageous Conversation on Race


  • "I Can't Hear You": Communication For Professionals


  • "You Said WHAT?!?!" Providing Constructive Feedback in the Age of COVID


  • "Ready, Set, Go!!"...Become an Anti-Racist


  • Reclaim Your Time: 21st Century Time Management



  • "Beautiful Monster": A Deep-dive into Change Management


  • "Follow the Leader, Leader, Leader" Shaping Team Culture


  • Check Yo' Self: Understanding Your Leadership Identity


  • Everyone Counts: Talent Management and Leading Teams


  • "It's NOT a Small World Afterall": A Seminar in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


  • "Shine Bright Like a Diamond": Unleashing Your Leadership Potential


  • The Not-So-Secret Toolbox: Resources for Leaders


  • Where are the Receipts? Planning For & Measuring Success


  • Wounded Healers: Developing A Culture of Wellness & Self Care

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