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Consultant, Facilitator, Coach

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Our work related to diversity, equity, inclusion & representation helps groups and teams to DO BETTER and outpace the competition by building trauma-informed spaces that honor difference, cultivate bright ideas, value authenticity and welcome courageous conversations.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Representation & Race-Equity

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Representation

Our work related to Race-Equity helps groups and teams to understand  the history of race, racism and anti-blackness in America so they can develop anti-racist spaces, behaviors, practices and systems.


Like other rare times in our country's history, these current times have made it clear that there is in fact a correct side to be on when it comes to issues related to racist & oppressive beliefs, practices and systems. We help clients take on their biases, train allies, increase representation and develop inclusive cultures that work to eliminate the "isms" within groups or teams.


I offer DEI-R and Race-Equity services on a selective and limited basis for teams and groups ready to do this important work.


DEI-R & Race-Equity services are currently offered in the following ways:


1. Board Development

2. Staff Professional Development

3. Organizational Assessments

4. Implementation of a Change Process for Culture and Behavior Shifts

5. Facilitation of Courageous Conversations

6. Virtual Classroom Access

7. Technical Assistance


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