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Personal & Professional Coaching

Coaching services are customized for each individual. This guided process allows time for...

1. Reflection

2. Goal-setting

3. Planning, Execution & Trouble-shooting

4. Improvement



Technical Assistance (TA)

TA services are designed to help clients meet measurable goals. Services are offered on a short-term or long-term basis and can be one or a combination of the following...

1. Research & Evaluation

2. New Project/Initiative Implementation

3. Tool Development

4. Action Planning

5. Outcome Measurements & Tracking

Coaching and Technical Assistance

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*Why should I consider coaching?

Coaching can be a powerful tool for clarity & growth. It is a service meant to facilitate reflection, planning and the achievement of measurable goals. Coaching with me is an empowering experience where you can truly focus on YOU! During your sessions, you will get an opportunity to share honestly, receive objective feedback, work on your plan, learn strategies to "get out of your own way" and develop next steps.


Keep in mind, coaching must be voluntary in order to be successful. Employers should NOT force staff to accept coaching services.


*Who is coaching designed to help?

Coaching is designed to help anyone who wants to improve their skills, set tangible goals, evaluate their priorities and better manage up, down and across. Coaching sessions can be focused on personal or professional development depending on each individual's needs.


Learn how to set boundaries, clearly communicate with others, create a plan and develop measurable outcomes aligned with your personal and professional goals.


*Is coaching confidential even if my job pays for it?

YES!! Coaching services with me are always 100% confidential. All of the information shared during the coaching sessions will be kept confidential at all times.


In some instances, a client may want to complete and submit a deliverable(s) to their employer during or upon completion of the sessions. In these cases, the client will have full control over the information shared and will provide it to the employer themselves.


*How many sessions of coaching is typical?

Because coaching is completely customized for each client, the number of sessions varies from person to person. It usually boils down to a balance between goals and budget. That said, a minimum of 6 sessions is recommended for all clients.


*Can coaching be done virtually?

Coaching services are designed to be flexible in order to meet the needs and preferences of each client. Sessions can be done in person, by phone or via video conference.


Sessions can occur at whatever frequency is best to achieve measureable results.


*How long have you been providing coaching services?

I have over a decade of coaching experience and pride myself on never being shocked by anything I hear in a session. As a seasoned social worker and human service provider, I have truly seen and heard it all. I have a "no judgement" policy and use an honest and empathetic approach to achieve results with my clients.


*How is coaching and therapy different?

This is a great question! It's very important that you understand the difference.


Therapy is a clinical service meant to explore the connection between your past & your present, facilitate healing and create behavior change. Coaching is a non-clinical service meant to facilitate reflection, goal-setting, planning and the pursuit of measurable goals.


Coaching is NOT therapy! But, I highly recommend both services for those who need it. I have witnessed tremendous progress and growth when people do both simultaneously.




*I need help with a new project. What can TA services do for me?

-TA services are tailored to your needs. New initiatives can be difficult to implement within existing frameworks.


TA can help you to better understand and synthesize the goals and outcomes of your project. It can include one or more of the following items...staff development, research, systems design, tool development and project/program evaluation.



*My organization or program is struggling to meet its outcomes. How can TA help?

-TA services can help you get to the root cause of your struggle, develop systems for change, build good tools and set realistic and measurable targets to help you achieve your outcomes.



*My program/project could use some help but have little or no idea what we need to do to course correct. Should we get TA?

-It depends. TA can always be helpful but other services may be better. Let's talk about it! Contact me here.



*How do I determine the amount of TA hours I should request?

-Your TA goals and budget will determine the amount of hours you should request.